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  • Will my insurance cover my visit?
    We provide you with an itemized receipt with billing codes for the visit and any procedures or treatments so that you can submit these to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • Will GCH make evening and weekend appointments?
    Charges for times after normal business hours will be due at the time of the House Call or Virtual Visit. Weekday Evening, 5p-8p/$60 Weekend 9a-5p/$60 Weekend Evening 5p-8p/$90
  • What area does the GCH team service?
    To provide the best and fastest service possible, GCH has a specific service area (see map below). A travel fee for visits outside the primary service area but within the extended service area will be due at the time of the House Call. Please see Extended Service Area Notification on the Service Area page before booking your visit.
  • What if it’s decided during my virtual visit I need a housecall?
    We will see you in person, and the cost of the virtual visit will be deducted from your bill.
  • How far in advance can I schedule a visit?
    As far as you’d like. If you’re planning a trip and think you’ll need medications or if we’re heading into allergy or cold and flu season, book a visit to prevent being caught without care.
  • Why do I have to upload a photo ID of myself?
    Your ID is only used so we know for sure who we’re treating and to be compliant with medical regulations. We don’t keep the information from your ID after the visit.
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