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Housecalls Health Club

Bringing Healthcare and Self-Care to you!


Apply to this invitation-only Health Club to receive Personalized, Convenient, Professional care in the safety, privacy, and comfort of your own home. Regularly scheduled monthly, twice monthly or weekly wellness visits are available to ensure you are feeling and looking your best. With Housecalls Health Club, you receive customized care whether you choose to focus on health concerns, weight challenges, energy level or simply to enhance your general wellness. Club Members can choose from Specially-Discounted Packages for IV Nutrient Infusions, Ultra Vitamin Injections, Weight Loss, Anti-Inflammatory/Detox, or other individually-customized treatment plans.

Monthly visit: $130/visit, 3 month minimum/$390

Twice Monthly visits $230/month,3 month minimum/$690

Weekly visits $430/month, 3 month minimum/$1290

Cost ensures your visit, recommended treatments and/or medications administered will be charged at the time of the visit. 


After being approved for membership, visits can be booked in advance. Billing is a one-time 3 month fee or monthly auto-debit. Following the introductory period, membership can be cancelled at any time. 


Housecalls Health Club visits are M-F 9a-5p. If an evening or weekend appointment is needed, a small additional fee will be charged at the visit.

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